Time for a Fresh Start

In this week’s ‘List for Living’ we are going to be challenging ourselves a little further in pursuit of our ideal life. Having changed your story in last week’s List, hopefully you are now viewing yourself in a positive light. So the next step is to put all our experiences that we have encountered in life so far to good use. Where do you want to go next in this exciting adventure we call life? What is going to be your New Beginning? Lets start thinking:

  1. Make peace with the past, the mistakes you made, the actions that others took towards you, the habits you have acquired that have prevented you achieving your chosen path. This step is obviously not one which is a quick fix and can take some work to achieve but it can be achieved step by step over many months or years if necessary. Look at this step as a work in progress but it should not prevent you from moving forward on the List
  2. Gain clarity on your chosen path. Think carefully about the area(s) in which you wish to make a fresh start. It is easy to be overwhelmed when we say that we want a fresh start – where do we begin? One way we can reduce our overwhelm is to  think of an area that we wish to start again – have you just lost your job, got a divorce, suffered a loss? Perhaps all three things have happened to you. Make a list of all the areas you wish to improve and then pick  one to begin with. When I got divorced my finances and the welfare of my children were the most crucial areas of my life to start again in. Although important, a new social life and other relationships would have to wait until I was on a stable financial footing and my children were taken care of. On the other hand if no area of improvement is of obvious importance, think how improvements made in one area may help improve another area. For example if you want to start doing things that benefit you after years of looking after others needs and you decide that you would like to take better care of yourself health wise, and you would also like to improve your social life, you may take steps first to improve your health and find an exercise class which will also benefit your social life.
  3. Once you have decided which areas of your life to prioritize, you need to start looking for the resources which will help you. It can be YouTube videos, books – Kindle books are a great place to look for resources as there are often books written that include links to current blogs which may be of help and groups, either on social media or in real life. Finding people who have achieved success in the areas that you wish to improve and taking note of what they have done is a great start.
  4. Take a look at the photo above. It shows a young plant which will one day bloom into a beautiful flower or tree. But at the moment it needs love, attention and the right conditions to grow, as does anybody who embarks on new challenges. So be kind you yourself, allow yourself to make mistakes and keep taking one step at a time.
  5. Show commitment. When you hit a  rocky patch, remind yourself of the life that you left behind and why you wanted more. Look forward to the life that you will achieve and feel the difference in the person that you are becoming as a result of this journey. If you have ever undertaken a building or decorating project you will know that the middle phase always looks worse than the beginning of the project and you always utter the words ‘Why did I start this!’ You have to go through the process of upheaval in order to move forward. Just remind yourself it is a temporary phrase and the sooner you take another step forward, the sooner you will achieve your goals.
  6. The great thing about making a fresh start is that each time you begin the process you have no idea of your own capabilities and as the journey continues, you realize that you have so many skills and talents, that when this particular journey ends you will want to start a new one, to see what else you can discover about the magnificent creature that you are.

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