Mindset for Success

In last week’s list we looked at creating a fresh start in life. In this week’s list, we are going to look at creating a success mindset in order to begin our new journey.

  1. Begin with an ‘Attitude of Gratitude’. Be thankful for the things which are in your life. Begin with small things if you are unhappy in life right now and gradually increase your level of gratitude. Some people find it easier to start by creating a list each night of the things that they were grateful for, throughout the day. Don’t forget the things that you may take for granted, such as your health, a beautiful sunset or a warm bed. I found that this attitude completely turned my life around – from victim to creator of my own future!
  2. Surround yourself with positive influences. Hang out with positive people, watch uplifting YouTube videos instead of the news, listen to uplifting music and read books from people you admire. Notice your feelings throughout the day. Are you starting the day on a positive note and then descending into a negative mood in the later afternoon? If so, what can you do to keep your energy high? I have started going for a 15 minute walk each afternoon and the sunshine and the exercise help to lift my spirits.
  3. Create good habits. Are you constantly late for appointments? What could you do to prevent this from happening? Are you a procrastinator? Do you feel overwhelmed at the thoughts of what you need to do? How could you gain  more control in your life? I am a big procrastinator and I often feel overwhelmed at the beginning of a project, so I have learnt to set a time limit of an hour on any project that i begin and once that hour is up, I have a break. If I am really reluctant to get going on a difficult project, like doing my taxes, I set the timer for 15 minutes only. This is a manageable chunk of time for me.  It takes roughly 13 weeks for something to become a habit, so stick with it!
  4. Learn to plan effectively. This point really goes hand in hand with point 3. Once you know what habit you wish to adopt, you need to make a plan to allow you to have the best possible chance of success at maintaining that habit.
  5. Take action. It is human nature to try to make sure everything is perfect before we launch a business, publish a book, reveal our works of art. But there comes a point when we just need to take the plunge and take action. There is a point at which we have to start on our journey towards our goals, perfect or not. We worry because once we reveal what we are doing, we leave ourselves open to judgement from others. Hopefully, having worked through these lists however, we have gained confidence in ourselves and our abilities and as the saying goes: ‘What others think of us, is none of our business’
  6. Sharpen your focus. Do not be tempted by ‘The Bright New Shiny Object’. This is a well-known syndrome which means that you begin something and then get sidetracked by another idea or marketing scheme or goal which looks more interesting, lucrative, appealing. Instead focus on what you have in front of you. Do not get sidetracked posting on Social Media or doing the housework (I admit I am guilty!) but again you can set a timer to make sure you focus for a set amount of time. I have found, it is better to focus on your goals for a short time each day than to try to block out great chunks of time in one day.
  7. Make a habit of constantly learning. YouTube is a fantastic resource in which you can learn all sorts of things. You can take online courses relatively cheaply on Udemy or read books on the subjects you wish to learn more about. If you have bigger goals to complete a degree or other training, there has never been a better time for pursuing your dream.

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