Care Less, Live More!

Are you one of those people who cares too much about what other people think of you?

Do you worry that people are always talking about you?

Are you afraid to express your true opinions?

Do you aim to please, everyone?

Do you find yourself saying ‘Yes’, when you really mean ‘NO’?

It is time to stop caring what others think. Why?

You give away your power

You give up your happiness

You live in fear

Your focus is scattered if you are always at the mercy of others demands and opinions.

So how can you begin to care less about how others view you?

  • Find out who you are. What are your preferences, your desires, your dreams?
  • Practice self-acceptance. If you want to do something, don’t automatically ask others for their opinion or their permission. Start by making smaller decisions for yourself.
  • Learn to accept that some people won’t be happy if you say ‘No’ to them, especially at first.
  • The only real opinion of you that matters – is YOUR’S!
  • Decide how much help you can give to others and plan accordingly. This is a good way of softening the blow at first if you are always someone who does a favor when asked. Next time someone asks you to do ‘X’ tell them that you are sorry you can’t do ‘X’ but you are willing to do ‘Y’. Or you could practice asking for a favor in return, for example when a friend asks you to babysit, you could reply with ‘oh yes, I was going to ask if you could babysit for me one night, let’s do a swap’. You will soon find out who is genuinely interested in helping you and those who expect help but don’t want to return the favor in any way. If this is the case:
  • Find a new tribe!
  • Finally stop judging yourself and start loving yourself.

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