Passions Serve a Purpose!

We have just celebrated Valentine’s Day on February 14th, so I thought that finding your PASSION was an appropriate topic for this week’s List for Living. If your life is lacking passion in certain areas – such as in your job, your love life or even in life in general, then this is the list for you!

  1. Does your life seem a little dull? Do you drift along in the same routine every week? Well guess what! Becoming a passionate person is a choice. The most important thing that you need to do to become a more passionate person is to be yourself. That means that you should follow your interests, no matter how weird they appear to others. When my kids were little I use to love colouring in the pictures in their colouring books, it was so relaxing. I always thought I was a little weird but look at the market for adult colouring books now!
  2. Get back your energy and ironically once you do,  you will find your passions, this will energise you further and you will discover more passion for life. It really is a vicious circle. (for tips on gaining more energy see my Blog post ‘Health – A New Confident You’).
  3. Rediscover your dreams. Have you lost sight of the plans you made when you were younger? Maybe life has thrown in some unexpected events which have steered you off your path. Take some time to remember why you are doing the things that you do. You may be resentful of the fact that you are the family taxi driver but when you think about why you do it, you realise that you do it because you want your kids to develop interests outside school. You may get the benefits of feeling part of a community who stands and cheers their kids on or who help with refreshments. When you remember the ‘why’, life will have meaning and direction again.
  4. Finding passion in the mundane. Truly passionate people are able to find passion in everything they do. How? Because they know the reason why they are doing something. They are passionate about doing the housework because they love inviting friends to their beautiful home. This is what is the motivation behind the dusting etc.
  5. What if your passions still elude you? There is a power in knowing who you are and what you want. This is what leads you to your passion. Most of us will have multiple different interests and hobbies though there will often be an undercurrent running beneath them. Often this undercurrent will be partly inspired by your beliefs. Finding that undercurrent is the solution. You can do this by making mind maps or vision boards (more about these will be said in next weeks lists).  Do this and take a step back. Look at what you have created. What themes run through everything and what would you have to do to create that perfect world for yourself or others? This is your mission and right there is who you are.
  6. Being passionate is good for your health. Passion stops you drifting aimlessly through life. Passions force us to grow and evolve. They make us more interesting and attractive to others. What better excuse do we need to get out there and find our passions?

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