About Elizabeth Susan Hill

 I specialize in helping people to gain the confidence to achieve their goals. whether they are major life-changing goals or smaller goals that enhance everyday life.

A lack of confidence and lack of purpose in life held me back for many years but then I learned the secrets of the power of the mind and since then my life has changed beyond recognition.

I went on to achieve many life-changing goals which have included leaving an abusive marriage, studying quantum mechanics alongside leading scientists, emigrating to the US on the ship Queen Mary 2 and travelling around Europe with my children. I have achieved all these goals on a limited budget, whilst bringing up four children. If I can do it, so can YOU!

I divide my time between the USA and England where I have two elderly dogs waiting for me, and I am busy working on some exciting goals of my own at the moment. You can read how I am getting on, on this blog and on my YouTube channel at Coaching to Confidence.

You can read how I used a system of steps to acheive these goals, in my book:

25 Steps to Achieving Your MAJOR Goals at


COACH people to overcome their fears.

TEACH people to use the system I used to achieve many goals.

INSPIRE people to follow their dreams.

MOTIVATE people to achieve their goals.

ENCOURAGE people to pursue their passions.