Welcome! Many people dream of a different life or of achieving certain goals but where do you start? Well this blog is as good a place as any to start buiding up your CONFIDENCE to achieve your goals! Consider it the first step in a journey to making your dreams come true. Why do I say that?

1. I believe that we all have the potential to be so much more than we believe that we are.

2. I believe that when we begin to pursue what we really want in life, the universe conspires to help us achieve our goals.

3. I have set out to achieve things that many people would never attempt and I have succeeded. So in this blog I will give you the encouragement, ideas and the help you need to achieve your goals.

May all your dreams be big ones. 

Finding the Confidence to Achieve Your Goals

You may be wondering about the title for my blog. Well there are a few reasons:

  1. You will find it easier to achieve YOUR goals, changes in lifestyle and dreams when you get past the sense of overwhelm that faces you, the minute you try to even think of beginning a new project.
  2. I am a person who, when faced with a big project / goal / dream, feels overwhelmed at the beginning, so I always start out by looking for ways to put the steps I need to take into a list. I am a self confessed list-a-holic!
  3. I thought that everybody had the ability to break down complex tasks into simplified steps, but it turns out that I was wrong. Where I see a logical step, some people see only confusion. Imagine my delight at finding a hidden talent – list making!
  4. I also had a coaching practice in England, and while in the courses that I taught, people would often come to the realization that they had a goal they wished to pursue, only a few were brave enough to take a leap into to unknown, once they had come to that realization. Most people wanted to build up their confidence slowly first, often in unrelated areas of their lives before – and this is important to note – they saw themselves as the type of person who is successful at achieving …… (insert goal here).
  5. I have achieved some major goals in my life but it was not until recently that I realized that I had unconsciously followed the same checklist of steps to achieve them. You can read more about them in my book https://coachingtoconfidence.com/achieveyourgoals but this blog consists in a series of challenges that you can use to gain the confidence to change your life and follow your dreams

Are you ready? Lets go:

The Challenge

Each week, beginning on a Sunday, I will produce a list, the goal of which will either challenge you and shake you out of your comfort zone or prompt you to start questioning the things that you do in life. Could you do things a different way? Could you eliminate certain things that prevent you from achieving more of what you want in life?

The aim is to enrich your life, simplify it (so you have time to pursue other goals) or change it (perhaps in an awesome, mind-blowing way – who knew you loved to run mountain trails naked at midnight! Or just in a way which gradually increases your confidence and reveals your personal likes and dislikes. If this list does not speak to you, either move on to another of the lists or repeat one that you loved. The lists are in no particular order and the project is meant to be fun, to open up your world to different possibilities in life. I will follow the lists also to get me out of my comfort zone and ready to tackle some new goals of my own. I will put my comments below as to how I got on and I hope you will do the same. One of the great things about being an online community is the encouragement you can get from other people, whose only motivation is to see you succeed. As the great Zig Ziglar said ‘You can get anything you want, as long as you help others get what they want’.

May your successes all be great ones.



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